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iOS 5 Twitter SDK Available


I could not find anyway online for testing if the user had the Twitter API available (IE: they’re running iOS 5). The best solution I came up with was to instantiate the TWTweetComposeViewController and check if it is nil. If so then I don’t include any references to Twitter in my app.

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Fixing network printer issue on OSX 10.6.8


The latest rollout of OSX 10.6.8 has an issue where it can no longer print to most network printers (over IP). To fix it you simply replace four files that cups uses and restart the service. Download the zip file below with the replacement files (from 10.6.6) and a shell script that will take care […]

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Adding state to NSURLConnection


When you want to make a data request in Objective-C you typically use NSURLConnection and can either do it synchronously or asynchronously. Obviously the later is the preferred choice so you don’t lock out the thread. Unfortunately, you will run into the problem where you want to make concurrent requests and you’ll find it doesn’t […]

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iOS Retina Sprites


One of the great things about the iPhone 4 is the Retina Display. Native iOS apps make handling the switching between the non-retina and retina version of the image really easy. Simply supply the two files and suffix one with “@2x” and it handles the rest (ex: 1.png, 2@2x.png). Taking advantage of the retina display […]

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Uppercase Words in a JS String


I ran into a problem today where our geo coder returns city names in all uppercase. Obviously this doesn’t look very good when you print it out to the screen so I wanted to make it pretty. A good example is Young America, MN. We get “YOUNG AMERICA”.. Here’s a quick way to clean it […]

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jQuery Mobile Slider Events


Out of the box there is no way to ask a jQuery slider to notify you when the value changes. This was problematic for me on a mobile app as I needed to know as soon as the user toggled the component. Some googling didn’t turn up anything helpful and I was hesitant to add […]

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Unable to access an error message corresponding to your field name


If you use CodeIgniter and you have custom field validators you may have encountered this error before “Unable to access an error message corresponding to your field name”. I scratched my head for awhile on this one as I was calling $this->validation->set_message(…) in my validators. But oops, looks like I changed the function name and […]

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URL Validation in CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter comes with a lot of great validators and libraries out of the box, but once place I’ve found it to be lacking is with URL validation. It has nice support for validating email addresses but almost nothing for URL checks. The only one that it provides is called prep_url which does nothing more then […]

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Installing mod_pagespeed on RHEL


mod_pagespeed was recently released by Google and is absolutely amazing. I recently installed it on RHEL and documented the process. The big issue I often run into is that I don’t have root access on my work machines so simply running an out of the box make doesn’t work for me. These instructions will go […]

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